Scenic Safaris - Cultural Safaris

Scenic Safaris - Cultural Safaris

The people’s warm hospitality makes East Africa a dream destination for cultural exploration. Discover and immerse yourself in unique traditions, customs and practices of various ethnic groups through music, dance, cuisine, art and beauty.


Ethiopian Historical Sites

Travel back in time to Ethiopia’s world famous historical attractions. Marvel at the iconic castles of Gondar and the 12th century obelisks of Axum. The medieval rock-hewn church of St George in Lalibella makes a…

  • Ethiopia

South Ethiopian Cultures

Interact with southern Ethiopia tribes- the plate-lipped Mursi, colorful Hamer and Dorze on this extraordinary cultural tour. Explore the Konso cultural landscape recognized as a World Heritage site for an intimate cultural encounter with the…

  • Ethiopia

Bale Mountain & South Ethiopia

Spot unique wildlife such as the Ethiopian wolf on a bale mountain game drive. Discover the culture of the Rastafarian community in the quaint town of Shashemene. Tour Maps {slider=All Seasons Tour Map} Click on…

  • Ethiopia

Historical Tanzania Tour

Enjoy game drives and fascinating scenery in Saadani National, the park which borders the Indian Ocean.Take an adventure into Amboni caves, the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa. Tour Maps {slider=All Season Tour Map}…

  • Tanzania

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Join like-minded travelers on a lifetime adventure in East Africa. From scheduled tours with fixed dates to professionally guided tours, our trips are designed for single travelers looking to make new friends, save on costs and exchange different experiences and culture.

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