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Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce that Kibo Slopes pledged to go plastic free as of February 2019.
Single-use plastic items are designed to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.Kibo Slopes is committed to phase out single-use plastic across all our subsidiaries, not just in our vehicles but office spaces too.
Mr Anton Tschank, Director of Kibo Slopes, said: “This is a huge commitment and a big challenge for us, but we are determined to play our part by acting together to reduce our plastic footprint. We’ve already made so much progress, with our reusable water bottles and flasks becoming an integral part of our operations. We hope this pledge inspires all our clients and partners to take up the challenge of collectively reducing our use of throwaway plastics."
All our safari vehicles have been equipped with water dispensers where the passengers refill their resusable water bottles.


Our recycling Inititaive

We have partnered with Mr Green Africa a recycling company to get rid of our plastic bottles and office paper trash.It’s paramount for our planet that we all reduce our plastic consumption. We know there is no better place to start than from within our own Company.

"It’s only one bottle,” said 8 billion people! Do your little bit of good where you are,it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."

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