Cross Border Cultural Safaris

Cross Border Cultural Safaris

East Africa offers a wide range of cultural attractions and experiences .Our cultural tours take you back in time allowing you to encounter a wealth of traditional heritage and history.


Overland from Nairobi to Addis Ababa

Connect with the El Molo tribe at the shores of the scenic Lake Turkana. An excursion to the banks of river Omo takes us to the Karo tribe known for their fascinating beauty rituals Tour…

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South Ethiopia & Sibiloi

The lip-plated Mursi are a fascinating tribe to mingle with. Notable for their cotton weaving and distinct beehive-shaped huts, the Dorze tribe are hard workers, warm-hearted and a welcoming tribe guaranteeing for a remarkable traditional…

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North Kenya & South Ethiopia

Konso Cultural landscape is the ultimate destination for this trip as you get to experience old religious and cultural traditions stretching back 21 generations. Meet the ornamental and vibrant Hamer tribe for a rewarding cultural…

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Join like-minded travelers on a lifetime adventure in East Africa. From scheduled tours with fixed dates to professionally guided tours, our trips are designed for single travelers looking to make new friends, save on costs and exchange different experiences and culture.

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