North Kenya & South Ethiopia Safari

Tour Highlights

Konso Cultural landscape is the ultimate destination for this trip as you get to experience old religious and cultural traditions stretching back 21 generations. Meet the ornamental and vibrant Hamer tribe for a rewarding cultural experience.

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Itinerary Details

Day 1 Flight to Lodwar
We are picked up early in the morning at 6.30h from our hotel for our flight to Lodwar. The 1 ½ hour flight takes us across the central highlands to arid northern region. At the airstrip we are welcomed by a driver from Elliye Springs Resort who takes us through treacherous sand tunes to the sandy beach in between palm trees to Elliye Springs on the shores of Lake Turkana. We can spend the afternoon taking a dive into the waters of this 60 km wide and 200km long desert lake. Lunch diner and overnight will be at the resort.

Accommodation: Elliye Springs Resort
Meal Plan: B L D
Driving: 80 Km, 2 hours
Activities: Nairobi – Lodwar flight, swimming

Day 2 Central Island
Today we intend to visit one of the three islands in the Lake, the central island which is also a National Park. The time for the 40 min boat trip depends on the wind and weather conditions. Central Island has 3 crater lakes. One is inhabited by crocodiles, while another is home to flamingos and the third one is full of tilapias. With packed lunch and a local guide, we walk along the crater lakes and return to the Resort for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation: Elliye Springs Resort
Meal Plan: B L D
Activities: 2 hour Boat, 3 hour hike

Day 3 Crossing the border to Ethiopia
A long and bumpy drive is waiting for us today. We are picked up at 7.00am after breakfast and drive along the lake shores to Todonyang a border village at the Kenyan / Ethiopian border. The 160 km takes us 4 to 5 hours. We need to take sufficient water and some snacks along because all along the way water and food is sparse. With the assistance of the catholic Missionaries we cross the border to Ethiopia and head straight for the immigration office to formalize our entry. Our Ethiopian vehicle is waiting for us here to take us on a good tarmac road to Turmi.

Accommodation: Buska Lodge
Meal Plan: B L D
Driving: 250 km, 6 to 7 hours

Day 4 The Hamer People
Today has been set aside to a visit to the Hamer people. A local English speaking guide takes us on a walk through the villages and the market. With some luck we can watch their rituals like a traditional wedding or a rite of passage from boyhood to adulthood where the young men have to run across the backs of 30 heads of cattle lined up next to one another. At the market, we try to interact with the locals to get a few photographs from this colorful tribe. It is clear that we have to ask for permission and pay for the shots. Our guide will assist us in this. We will have lunch in a local hotel in town and drive in the afternoon via Key Afer to Jinka.

Accommodation: Eco Omo Resort
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 100 km, 3 hour
Activities: Hamer market and Village visit

Day 5 Mursi - the plate lip people
Today we have an early breakfast and drive to Mago National Park, the area where we find the Mursi; an ethnic group of not more than 4000. They are basically herdsmen but farm when it rains along the river banks. The women use unusual jewelry of clay plates in the split lower lip. The only other income of this ethnic group is a museum, but they also pose for photographs for a fee. Our guide assists us in the negotiations. We return for lunch to the Eco Resort and drive to Konso in the afternoon for dinner and overnight stay at the Kanta Lodge.

Accommodation: Kanta Lodge
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 200 km, 6 hours
Activities: Mago National Park, Mursi Village

Day 6 Konso & Borana Villages
Today is reserved for visiting the Konso people. The Konso people are an ancient farming community specializing in terrace farming for centuries in the mountainous area and live in fortress-like villages. The area has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Konso people have nine clans, each ruled by a King. A local eloquent guide explains us a lot about the history, lifestyle and culture of this ethnic group. After lunch we leave the tarmac road and drive through the Borana land to Yabelo. On the way we visit a Borana homestead.

Accommodation: Yabelo Motel
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 100 km, 2 to 3 hours
Activities: Konso Village, Borana Village visit

Day 7 El Sod – The Saltmine
We just have leave after a cup of tea and stop for a breakfast at some local kiosk on the way to El Sod the spectacular Crater lake, where Salt for the whole pastoralist region stretching from the Omo Valley to Somalia and including northern Kenya is harvested. We reach the village of Soda, which does not carry its name by accident. Behind the few mud huts and the small mosque is a giant hole. It is like looking into the crater of a volcano - but it is a dolina, a funnel shaped depression with a depth of 400m and a diameter of 600m. The deep black lake at the bottom looks more like a large oil rug. Here the salt is harvested with bare hands and simple tools and transported with donkeys up the steep dolina walls. We may descend to the floor (45 min) and return (2hours) before driving to Moyale at Ethipoian/ Kenya border for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation: Koket Borana Hotel
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 220 km, 4 hours
Activities: Salt Mine Visit, Optional 3 hour hike to floor of mine

Day 8 Chalbi Desert
After breakfast we proceed to the immigration offices for our re-entry to Kenya. We need a multiple entry visa for Kenya otherwise we will be charged another visa fee again. A 250 km drive along the recently tarmacked Trans African Highway takes us through a picturesque landscape to Marsabit, an Oasis in the desert. Here we stop for lunch and finally descend to the Kalacha at the edge of the Chalbi desert for a fly camp overnight at the AIC camping ground. Gabra women entertain us with a traditional dance as the sun sets.

Accommodation: Fly Camp / local guesthouse
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 375 km, 8 hours

Day 9: through North Horr to the cradle of Mankind
A 60 km drive through treacherous sand tunes and encountering a sandstorm takes us to another center in the north – North Horr. Here we take a break and settle for spiced tea and delicious local donuts in one of the numerous local hotels. After short stroll through the town our journey continues to Sibiloi National Park. On our way we might find one of”singing wells” where the Borana people get there water with bucket from deep underground wells. In the late afternoon we arrive at Alia Bay Bands just in time watch a magnificent sunset over the Lake Turkana who’s western shores we explored at the start of the tour.

Accommodation: Alia Bay self-catering bandas
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 200 km, 8 hours

Day 10 Sibiloi the cradle of mankind
Today we explore the park and its fossil sites. Today’s full day excursion takes us, past the petrified forest to the museum and after lunch stop, the skeletons of an ancient elephant, a giant tortoise and an ancient fish eating crocodile. Besides our packed lunch, we must ensure we carry enough drinking water along. Temperatures here rise well above 30 degrees Celsius. The Leaky Family christened the area “Cradle of Mankind”. Here some of the oldest human fossils dated back to 1.5 to 1.8 million years were found. In the late afternoon, we return to Alia Bay and take a stroll along the lake shores in the evening.

Accommodation: Alia Bay self-catering bandas
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 100 km, 4 hours
Activities: visits to fossil sites, Petrified Forest and Sibloi Museum.

Day11: Sibiloi – Loiyangalani
Today we have a very long drive of about 200 km ahead of us. The roads are bad and the drive through the harsh and hot environment is a much tiring as it is exiting. We make sure we have packed our lunch and carried plenty of water. The seasonal river crossings are treacherous. We take the Lake shore route and the only settlement on the way is Moite at the banks of the Lake. In the late afternoon we arrive at the southern lake shores of Lake Turkana where we spend the night in a simple but cozy guesthouse and enjoy the friendly service of owner and his staff.

Accommodation: Palm shade Hotel Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 200 km, 6 hours

Day 12 Elmolo & Turkana Culture
Today, we explore the southern parts of the Lake Turkana shores. In the morning, we visit the Elmolo people and take a short boat ride to their shrine. The Elmolo are the smallest tribe in Kenya of not more than 500 people. They are fishermen who hunt the crocodiles. According to myth in the community, the crocodile recognizes the hunters from far and would rather hide than attack. After lunch we take an excursion to look at the rock paintings in the area and visit a Turkana Village before sunset while enjoying their traditional dances. Dinner and overnight stay will once again be at the guesthouse

Accommodation: Palm shade Guesthouse
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 40 km, 2 hour
Activities: Elmolo Village, Boat ride, 1 hour hike to rock paintings

Day 13: Loiyangalani – Samburu
Today we have another long day ahead of us. With packed lunch and plenty of water we leave Loiyangalani and drive along the lake shore to the southern end. Here we climb up the Rift Valley escarpment. The landscape changes from arid area to green pasture as we drive through the land of the Samburu. The sceneries are breath-taking as we pass through the Mathews Range. In Laisamis we stop for lunch and reach Samburu National Park in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight stay will be at the oldest Lodge in the Park right on the Ewaso Nyiro River; The Samburu Lodge.

Accommodation: Samburu lodge
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 380 km, 7 to 8 hours

Day 14: Samburu National Park
Samburu National Park is renowned for its variety of wildlife species which have adapted amazingly well to the harsh and hot climate of the area. The unique species include the Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk, Beisa Oryx and Somali Ostrich. We have a morning game drive on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River and return to the lodge for lunch. In the late afternoon we venture for another game drive and with some luck we may spot pride of Lions, herds of Elephants and Leopards somewhere resting in the acacia trees. Dinner and overnight stay will once again be at our Lodge.

Accommodation: Samburu lodge
Meal plan: B L D
Driving: 80 km, morning and afternoon game drive
Activities: game drives

Day 15: Back to Nairobi for departure
Our Safari is almost coming to an end. After breakfast we leave for the Trout Tree Hotel in Nanyuki for a sumptuous lunch in the tree watching Colobus Monkey. In the late afternoon we finally reach Nairobi for an overnight or our departure flight.

Meal plan: B L
Driving: 300 km, 5 to 6 hours

  • Tour Days: 15
  • Price Guide:
    PRICE GUIDE 2020

    No of PeopleUSD $ - Per Person Sharing
    6 and more$ 3,633/=
    5 pax$ 3,933/=
    4 pax$ 4,258 /=
    3 pax$ 4,308/=
    2 pax$ 5,394/=
    1 pax$ 8,651 /=
  • Important:


    · Meal plan as specified –BB (bed and Breakfast), HB (Half board; breakfast and dinner), FB (Full board; breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    · Airport transfers and safari on 4x4 vehicles
    · English speaking driver guides and unlimited game drives
    · Park entry fees
    · Borana Guide
    · Borana Village entry fee
    · Salt Lake Entrance fee
    · Salt Lake Guide


    · International flight arrival and departure
    · Drinks in hotels
    · and lodges/ telephone/ laundry/ tips

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